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Harm Reduction Services

The path to treatment and recovery is different for each individual. As such, there are many different approaches designed to meet the person where they are at and lend support.

The resources and providers on this page are organizations within Ulster County who offer a variety of services for individuals who are at high risk of overdose and infection. Clicking on their logo will bring you directly to their page.

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HRS is for people who are at high risk for overdose and infection. The caring staff at HRS work with people who use drugs (PWUD) and are at risk of or engage in behaviors that place them at risk for overdose, or acquiring bloodborne diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C.

Click the HRS logo to learn more.


SEP is staffed with supportive, non-judgmental people who provide a safe, discreet way to meet and offer their FREE and ANONYMOUS services. 

Click their logo to learn more.

Here is the SEP van schedule:

SEP_Van Schedule.jpg
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