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For individuals residing within Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, or 
ivan County in New York State. 


Training Video!

Our Opiate Overdose Prevention and Response Team has created this full-length online Narcan training for those seeking a more complete training experience.  Simply watch the video and click here to receive your free Narcan kit. If you are pressed for time, the video for Narcan administration is just below.

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Click the PDF icon above to see a list
of common prescription opioid medications.
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Click the PDF icon above for a copy of instructions on how to administer Narcan.
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Coming soon - A handout of frequently asked questions to accompany these trainings.

For residents of Ulster, Dutchess,  Orange, and Sullivan counties in New York State only.



1) Watch this video

2) Click the “Receive my

    Narcan” button.

3) Complete the webform to let us

know how you would like to receive your Narcan kit. There are several community locations where you can pick up your kit, as well as have it delivered to your home. 

Receive My Narcan.jpg.png

Do you prefer speaking to a trainer directly?


If so, please call any of the following local Opioid Overdose Prevention Programs. They will walk you through the process, answer your questions, and connect you with a free Narcan kit as soon as possible. There are many options, including: local pick-up, home delivery, and by mail.


Institute for Family Health (IFH):  Contact Tom McCrarry 

(646) 648-2551.

New Paltz Rescue Squad: 

Contact Chief Mathew Goodnow  (845) 255-1719.


Step One:   

Contact Al Nace at (845) 834-7300.


Virtual online training:

Date to be announced soon.


Please check back here to register for our next free Zoom Naloxone training. (If you have watched one of the training videos, simply click the "Receive my Narcan"icon below to request your free kit.)

The New Paltz Opiate Prevention and Response Team is offering  monthly web-based Narcan trainings. This training is typically available on the fourth Friday of the month, but this month is different.


Narcan kits can only be promised to residents of Ulster, Dutchess,  Orange, and Sullivan counties in New York State. Individuals from outside those counties are welcome to sit in on the training, but a Narcan kit cannot be promised.

Once the training date has been set, simply click the registration button below.

Free Narcan Kits Nationwide
Next Distro.jpg

Anyone living outside of the Mid-Hudson Valley region of New York State can obtain a free Narcan kit by participating in this web-based provider. 

Please click here to visit NEXT Distro.


Free online bystander training. Certificate of  completion provided free of charge IF you mention HEALing Communities as the referral source. 

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Free app with simple “how to administer Narcan” steps in case you forget or are unsurE. Available for both Andriod and  iOS phones. 

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The path to treatment and recovery is different for each individual. Learn more about HARM REDUCTION services

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